CropCool™ Differential Temperature Controller
for Pedestal Fans

Don't give Grain Storage Insects a Chance!

CropCool™ Temperature Controller
  • Only runs fans when Ambient Air is cooler than the crop
  • Save valuable time switching Fans On/Off
  • Speed up grain temperature reduction
  • Saves 40% electricity on unnecessary fan running (HGCA research)
  • Displays fan running hours – to help meet HGCA recommendations as well as air, grain and differential temperature. Can also be used as a time clock.

CropCool™ constantly compares ambient air temperature to your grain temperature, and will use every available opportunity to reduce your grain temperatures(to prevent insects from breeding, following HGCA guidelines).

The system is easy to operate and it is available for single or 3-phase fans.

The AgriSupplyServices single phase CropCool™ is fully portable.

Full laminated instructions provided.

CropCool™ has been specifically designed to operate up to 2 Pedestal Fans (1.1Kw, 1.5HP each) from a single 13amp plug.

CropCool™ Fan Hub

CropCool™ Temperature Controller

This is a portable unit designed to run two, four or six 3-phase fans. It includes starters and requires a 32 amp power supply.


CropCool Wireless
Differential Temperature Controller

CropCool™ Wireless is the next generation Crop Temperature Controller.

No trailing leads — 40% power savings.

CropCool Wireless diagram

CropCool™ Wireless can manage pedestal and wall fans to suit grain storage requirements by

CroplCool Wireless transmittersArrowWireless Transmitter
  • Differential Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Time
  • Zone

Improves fan control for optimum crop cooling and conditioning in up to four separate zones. This is particularly helpful for larger grain stores or multiple grain stores. Transmits to a remote location, such as mobile phone and for storage on farm-office computer etc.


CropCool Wireless

Most CropCool™ Wireless systems will comprise:

  1. CropCool™ Wireless Differential Temperature Controller
  2. 2m. Fibreglass Wireless Grain Temperature probes (Long battery life)
  3. Wireless Air Temperature sensor (Long Battery life)
  4. Wireless Repeater(s) if needed (mains)
  5. CropCool EasyGrain SitePlan Software inc. USB dongle for PC


More advanced CropCool™ Wireless Systems can include: -

  1. RH Sensors – Air and or Crop
  2. Multizone Control
  3. Data Logging Unit with broadband/cellular connection
  4. Access to all Historical Data since system installed


CropCool™ Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Example: - 2000Tonne Grain store / 24 Pedestals / 1 Sensor per 300Tonne approx.

  • 6 x CropCool Wireless Temperature probes
  • System uses Dicam technology, so it is fully upgradable to differential control etc

  • 1 x Wireless Dongle + single use licence with USB connector

and, if required:

  • 1 x Kindle/Tablet Digital Receiver (with above wireless dongle in-built)
  • 1 x Repeater (e.g. to hop to nearby farm office)

Example: - 2 x Separate 2000T Grain Stores on One Farmstead

  • 12 x CropCool Wireless Temperature probes
  • CropCool™ Wireless Dongle
  • 2 x Repeaters (e.g. to hop to nearby farm office)
  • 1 x Wireless Dongle + single use licence with USB connector (or as above)

and, if required:

  • Local/Remote GSM Broadband Connection


CropCool™ Wireless Temperature Control System

Add to above: -CropCool Wireless

  • CropCool™ Wireless Dicam Controller(s) up to 4 zones, automatic or manual control with adjustable default settings
  • Wireless Air Temperature (& relative humidity) Sensor
  • SitePlan Software


How many CropCool™ Wireless Grain Temperature Probes are needed?

One normally placed centrally between four pedestals in a square pattern, one between two floor ducts, or 300Tonne app. (or adjust number to personal preference)


Please contact Charles Goldingham to discuss your system needs

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