Bird Scarers

Bio-Acoustic Bird Scarers


Compact - 200 Degree
©Scarecrow Bio Acoustic Systems Ltd

Compact - 360 Degree
© Scarecrow Bio Acoustic Systems Ltd

Bird Deterrents for: -

  • Pigeons (wood & feral)
  • Crows – Magpies – Rooks
  • Starlings
  • Black-headed & Herring Gulls
  • + many others available

The Scarecrow Compact

The Scarecrow Compact uses the natural (bio-acoustic) bird distress calls to create an environment appearing hostile to birds, but perfectly normal to humans & animals.

The Compact is fully automatic & random play in use, operates 24 hours/day, or dawn to dusk, 7 days/week without human intervention.

Different distress calls can be programmed separately or together for as many bird species as is needed.

Mounting Methods: Inside and Outdoors.

Both the Compact and the Compact Slave can now be supplied as standalone units or complete with brackets & "U" clamps for mounting inside or outside, OR as a package complete with Brackets, Pole & Base Kit.


Compact coverage 200deg.or 360deg. Areas covered depend on location, sound reflecting or absorbing materials etc. Seek our advice based on customer experience.

Power Supply

It may be powered by 15v DC, 110/250v AC mains supplies (car/leisure battery). Can be mounted in numerous ways.

Compact Solar Powered
©Scarecrow Bio Acoustic Systems Ltd

Compact Solar Powered

Outdoor Use: the Compact Solar Powered (renewable energy) is ideal for pests such as Pigeons on Oilseed Rape or other crops at risk.

Patrol Two
©Scarecrow Bio Acoustic Systems Ltd

Patrol Two - Portable

Patrol Two is a portable version of The Compact.

It has additional features –

  • It can be used as a conventional Loud Hailer
  • There is a Screech Setting capable of 350 yard range.

Agricultural Examples of Use: -

Pigeons on Oilseed Rape – The Compact Pigeon distress Call is interspersed with Birds of Prey & we have received reports direct from farmers of being effective up to 1.5miles from Compact location on flat terrain. Please observe the NFU Code of Practice.  We believe the Compact addresses most concerns.

Starlings in Dairy/Livestock Units Starlings are now protected from shooting (without a special licence), risking loss of SPS (for not observing Cross-compliance). We can supply a letter from FERA to our Compact purchasers who are particularly concerned about these issues.

Rooks/Crows – Create havoc in many tree-lined environments, especially livestock, attacking maize silage clamps creating substantial losses. Their distress calls can be most effectively interspersed with Starling calls if appropriate. Industrial sites & Marinas are often frequented by Rooks & Crows.

Urban Examples of Use: -

Feral Pigeons - City Centres etc – A major health & safety hazard, which defy control attempts by Environmental Health departments in many City Centres. Additionally the faeces high in phosphate mixed with rainfall create phosphoric acid, which erodes & causes substantial damage to Stonework of major buildings.

Herring & Black-Headed Gulls – Docks, Industrial Estates, Landfill Sites etc – As for City Centres, significant health & safety issues. Additionally through sheer numbers, noise, damage to cars, blocked gutters caused by the Fouling & Nesting in large colonies, even mobbing humans close to egg-laying areas.

Scarecrow Compact or Patrol Two should be considered.

Fixed Installation Questionnaire – To receive Free Advice from the Manufacturers, please download and complete this fixed installation questionnaire.

Technical Information: Click here to download and explanatory leaflet. You can also welcome to ask us for more information.

AgriSupplyServices General Observations:

We have received numerous enquiries for Bird Scaring devices through our Pest Control Business (both agricultural & urban) over more than 20 years. Most Birds are able to adapt to their local environment, hence the difficulty in controlling or deterring them. Used properly, this is the first deterrent we have seen that appears effective under the widest range of circumstances.

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