Fuel Stations & Recent Legislation

Tuffa Tanks – 6000 litre Bunded Fuel StationTuffa 6000VBFS Plastic Bunded Fuel Station

The New Fuel Legislation in 2011

The new EU directive 2009/30/EC means that 'gas oil' (red diesel) is now almost sulphur free, and will also contain up to 7% bio-diesel.

This low sulphur red diesel containing bio-diesel is a better solvent than current diesel and it will loosen deposits that have built up inside diesel tanks and fuel lines. If not correctly filtered this can block up vehicle filters and possibly damage engines.

Storage tank filters and vehicle filters now containing the loosened deposits should be replaced soon after the changeover, and spare filters stocked. Filters may need changing several times over in the first few months, depending on the age and condition of the tank.

New Fuel Shelf Life & Planning Your Storage

The shelf life of the new fuel is considerably less (as it is more prone to oxidation), which may lead to filter blockages. Ideally fuel stocks should be turned over in six months or less.

Check when your fuel supplier changes from summer to winter grade fuel (usually at the end of October) and ensure that you do not end up with a tank full of summer grade for the winter as this will 'wax' as temperatures drop.

A large, high capacity fuel filter fitted to your storage tank will potentially mean fewer problems will occur further down the line, so consider fitting one or upgrading.

Bio-diesels can contain up to 25 times more water than petroleum diesel, and is a perfect habitat for microbial growth. The bacteria that feed on the fuel breaks down the carbon chains, which reduces the combustible properties.

Storage tanks that have large amounts of dormant fuel due to their shape or design, are more prone to bacterial growth. This should be take into consideration when upgrading your fuel storage equipment.

Fuel Storage Legislation 2005

From 1st September 2005 legislation came into force affecting fuel storage on farms:

  • The legislation now in force requires that all new fuel tanks should be Bunded
  • All "White Diesel" should only be stored in Bunded Tanks
  • Where a total of 3500 litres or more of "Red Diesel" is stored on a farm, this should also be in Bunded Tanks
  • Additionally farmers and others storing less than 3500 litres should consider:

    1. The Environment Agency will crack down on anyone with a spillage, regardless of tank size, imposing fines of up to £5000
    2. Diesel is now very expensive to waste in leakages
    3. Some fuel companies will not fill high level tanks any more.

Since the new legislation we have received considerable demand for tanks, complete stations, waste oil tanks etc., and have found TUFFA Tanks to be a very farmer friendly business with quality tanks and competitive prices.


Now both plastic and steel tanks are available.

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Note that the bunded tanks can also be supplied at the same size as fuel stations and vice versa.

Please contact us for more details and specifications for the tanks and fuel stations. Sizes are approximate.

TUFFA Bunded Tanks / Bunded Fuel Stations

Also available as AdBlue fuel stations.

2500HB Bunded Tank /
2500HBFS Bunded Fuel Station

Capacity: 2500 Litres / 550 Gallons

2820 mm
1500 mm
1650 mm

Ideal replacement for a 600 gallon, 6ft x 4ft x 4ft (1830mm x 1220mm x 1220mm) steel tank.

1400VB Bunded Tank /
1400VBFS Bunded Fuel Station

Capacity: 1400 Litres / 300 Gallons

1576 mm
1800 mm

1350SLB Bunded Tank /
1350SLBFS Bunded Fuel Station

Capacity: 1350 Litres / 300 Gallons

2700 mm
900 mm
1700 mm

TUFFA Easi-Fill Bunded Fuel Stations & Bunded Tanks

VBFS 3500/6000/10000/15000 Fuel Stations
VB 3500/6000/10000/15000 Bunded Tanks

VBFS 3500
VBFS 6000
VBFS 10000
VBFS 15000
Capacity Litres:
Capacity Gallons:
Diameter (mm):
Height (mm):
Equivalent Bunded Tank Model VB 3500 VB 6000 VB 10000 VB 15000

Features of Fuel Stations: Approved fill point cabinet, fill point, mains bund/overfill alarm, contents gauge, key switch to operate pump, overfill prevention valve, submersible pump, flowmeter, 10 micron filter, 4m. hose & automatic shut-off nozzle.

Dual Compartment Fuel Stations

Tuffa 1400 2500 Dual

Two fuel stations inside a single bund with standard fuel station included.

1400/2500 DUAL
2300/3700 DUAL
Capacity Litres: 1400/2500
Diameter (mm): 2866
Height (mm): 2600

Twinned Fuel Stations

We can interlink units to meet higher capacity demands

TUFFA Steel Bunded Fuel Stations

Tuff Steel Bunded Fuel Stations

TUFFA steel tanks are available in a range of colours, capacities and thicknesses. They are manufactured to your specification including critical dimensions, fire protection for both domestic and commercial applications. We also include a lock facility to ensure a high level of security is achieved. Steel bunded or plastic inner/steel outer tanks are available.

Prices are available upon request. Please call us with your steel tank requirements.

Steel Bunded Fuel Stations – Up to 10,000 litres – Ask us for more information and advice.

TUFFA Waste Oil Tanks

TUFFA Waste Oil Storage Tanks are available in capacities of 1350 litres (300 Gallons) to 15000 Litres (3250 Gallons)

Bio Diesel Tanks

TUFFA Biodiesel TankTUFFA Biodiesel Tank

Tuffa UK Limited manufacture bunded plastic tanks suitable for mix of up to B100, which comply with all correct, appropriate legislation, (pending correct installation).

They are available in a range of 1350SLBFS, 1400VBFS, 2500HBFS, 6000VBFS, 10000VBFS, 15000VBFS.

They come complete ready to use, all that is required is a hard standing flat concrete base and your final electrical connection.

The specification is based on the standard unit. We will be very pleased to offer advice and consultation with regards to bespoke systems to suit your particular requirements. Please call us to discuss your requirements further.

TUFFA AdBlue Bunded Fuel Stations

Tuffa have launched a new storage tank for AdBlue. AdBlue is the new additive produced to reduce emissions from diesel engines. Tuffa AdBlue Systems can be manufactured from 1350 litres up to a capacity of 15000 litres plus. The AdBlue tanks incorporate specialised equipment suitable for the AdBlue aqueous solution.

In order to meet European Legislation, some heavy duty commercial vehicles will be fitted with selective catalytic construction engines which will use a dilute urea solution. It is expected that average AdBlue consumption will be approximately 5% by volume of diesel consumption.

The AdBlue tank specification is based on our standard AdBlue storage tank unit. We will be very pleased to offer advice and consultation with regards to bespoke AdBlue storage tank systems to suit your particular requirements.

Examples below of bunded AdBlue tanks.

AdBlue 1350SLBFS
Plastic Bunded

Tuffa AdBlue SFBS 2300

AdBlue SFBS 2300
Plastic Inner/ Steel Outer, Bunded

Petrol Storage Tanks

The ideal above ground solution for storing your petrol safely and securely in a suitable bunded tank. The petrol tank is available in 2 capacities 975 litres and 1950 litres and comes fully bunded, fire protected and is fully compliant to all relevant legislation.

  • Are you paying for your staff to collect petrol weekly?
  • Are your staff licensed and insured to transport petrol?
  • Do you have the correct containers (no more than 10 litres) and transport boxes?
  • Is your petrol stored safely and securely on site?

Measurements (approx.):
1550mm (L) x 1400mm (W) x 700mm(H)
Capacity: 975 litres
Description steel petrol tank

Measurements (approx.):
2800mm (L) x 1400mm (W) x 700mm(H)
Capacity: 1950 litres
Description: steel petrol tank


Manufactured in the UK to meet the requirements of:

European & UK legislation for above ground petrol storage and using guidelines from:
- UK HSG176 (The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Tanks) and
- UK HSG51 (The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers)

The following can also be supplied:-

Metal Bunded Fuel Stations

Plastic Bunded Tanks for Grain Driers, Central Heating etc.

Single Plastic Skin Tanks for water, both potable and non-potable

Direct Delivery — All tanks are sent fresh from the factory and not left lying around in a distributor's yard awaiting sale. Delivery is normally 10-14 days from order except during peak demand periods.

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