Crop Sampling and Harvesting

Minibatt Sample Harvester

No laborious hand rubbing out samples

No need to take combine harvester to the field

LAMMA Certificate of Merit

For Busy Arable Farmers:

  • Enables Rapid Field Sample Assessment:
    • Moisture content - Is crop fit to cut?
    • For Milling Quality - Protein & Hagberg
    • For Malting Barley - Nitrogen levels
    • For Wheat or Barley - Ergot
    • For cereals - Mycotoxin testing
    • Oilseed Rape - Oil content etc.
  • Harvest Organisation - Free up vital manpower as well as organise harvesting much more efficiently
  • Accuracy & Reliability - Samples are identical to those taken with a combine harvester
  • Quick to Use - Minibatt harvests about 100gms per minute
  • Savings - Time, Fuel Machinery, Wear & tear

Minibatt's other advantages:

  • Safety - Minibatt reduces heavy machinery moves, particularly for Contract Farmers & Agricultural Contractors
  • Easy To Use - No particular training required
  • Light – ABS Plastic, Minibatt weighs just 3.3kg and is protected by a high-quality 'flight bag'
  • Power – Now with powerful Lithium battery.
  • Screens available for Cereals, OSR, Peas, Beans. Will harvest other crops
  • Mounting Stand – Particularly useful for swathed Oilseed Rape or for trials companies

Could 'Minibatt' help you segregate your crops in store to Maximise Premiums?

Minibatt won the Prestigious Innovation Award - SIMA Paris 2005.

Agricultural Supply Services have the Sole UK distribution rights.

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Demonstration Video:

Another Minibatt video: Bench Thrashing for Trials Companies

Minibatt Sample Harvester

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Mounting Stand


BlackBox Grain Sampler

For sampling grain during outloading

  • The quickest and most consistent method of sampling grain ACCURATELY when loading grain into store or onto a lorry.
  • Farmer developed + HGCA tested, BlackBox  fits onto the back of your Loading Shovel. It takes about 150g sample from each bucketful as it is tipped. This gives a very accurate composite sample of the lorry load to split between your merchant and the farm.

Action recommended by HGCA: "Consider fitting and automatic bucket sampler". See HGCA Topic Sheet 83.

Read more: See the HGCA Topic Sheet on sampling grain during outloading.



Grain Sampling Spears

We can supply Crop Sampling Spears of many different specifications.

Please ask us about your requirements.


Various sizes and qualities available. Examples: (see diagram) Complies with B.S. standards.
Fig.1a 1.5m Alloy single aperture, open handle
Fig.1b 1.5m Alloy Concentric 4 aperture, open handle
Fig.1d 2m Stainless 2-piece single tube 32mm o/d

Other specifications available, see diagram.

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Ask for Quotation

Spears normally held in stock.

2 metre alloy sequential 4 & 8 aperture, empty through handle grain spear.


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