Grain Pedestals, Crop Cooling and Ventilation

Polycool Vertical Grain & Crop Pedestals
(Food Grade Twin-wall Plastic)

AgriSupplyServices is the UK's largest distributor of Polycool Grain Pedestals and Crop Pedestals.

The Polycool Grain Pedestals are a comprehensive solution to the challenge of cooling grain stores. The crop pedestals are suitable for cooling other crops too including oilseed rape (see the notes below). Polycool Crop Pedestals are currently used in farm and commercial stores from 2m - 9.3m depth.

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The Polycool range includes:

Complete Standard Polycool Grain & Crop Pedestal

3.5m (11' 6") overall height
1.2m x 450mm base, + 0.35m Reducing Cone, + 2 x 1m Top Pipe, Top Cap

Fan: VBW7 normally used with Standard Polycool pedestal (see below)
or for new users Evolution Fan (see below)

Mini Polycool Grain & Crop Pedestal

2.9m (9' 6") overall height
0.6m x 450mm base, + 0.35m Reducing Cone, + 2 x 1m 150mm Top Pipe, Top Cap

Fans: VBL8/3 & VBL6/3 normally used with Mini Polycool pedestal (see below)

Maxi Polycool Grain & Crop Pedestal

6.3m (20' 8") overall height

2m x 450mm base, + 0.35 reducing cone, + 4m x 200mm Top Pipe, Top Cap

Fan: VBW9 fan normally used. (see below)

Extensions/Extras to increase height up to 20ft

1m Height Extension: Diameter 150mm / 200mm

2m Height Extension: Diameter 150mm / 200mm

Couplers for Extensions

Pedestal Top Caps

Pedestals For Cooling Oilseed Rape — Please specify whether you require pedestals for Oilseed rape when discussing your needs. Oilseed rape is five times the density of cereals and this should be taken into account in determining layout and airflow.

Rape Skirts (filters) are available made from strong hessian.

450mm Base Polycool Grain Pedestals achieve unrestricted airflow & are the strongest on the UK market!

AgriSupplyServices is the UK's foremost distributor of Polycool Grain Pedestals and Crop Pedestals.

Tough Enough?

Tests conclusively prove airflow through Standard Polycool Pedestals is not restricted when used with a standard 1.1Kw Fan, such as the VBW7.

From our extensive research & farmer experience we ONLY supply Green ‘Virgin Plastic’ PolyCool Pedestals, we do NOT supply Black Recycled Plastic Pedestals which are a different specification.

For ventilation control and monitoring see our CropCool™ and CropCool™ Wireless products.

2m Fibreglass Grain Temperature Probe, which makes insertion into the crop much easier is supplied as standard. (Also available as an extra for existing users.)


Humidity Sensor, to control fans before temperature, should this be needed for certain applications. Please discuss with Agricultural Supply Services.

For other Polycool Pedestal sizes and extra parts please contact us.

To make the Best Use of Polycool Crop Pedestals Click Here
(HGCA Topic Sheet 78, courtesy of HGCA).

See also "Vertical ventilation for cooling grain" Click Here
(HGCA Topic Sheet 53)

HGCA Advice

Hotspot Spears

Hotspot Spear

7ft 7in. "Trouble Shooter" with heavy duty handle suitable for cereals (fan not included, see below).

Also available: "Trouble Shooter" with smaller holes for Oilseed Rape.

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Fans for Polycool Crop Pedestals and Hotspot Spears:

VBW7 Polycool fan for grain pedestals and crop pedestals.

VBW7 Polycool Fully Reversible Fan
(Suck or blow)

Standard Pedestal Fan, 151mm spigot,single phase (up to 1000CFM) 1.5Hp. 1.1Kw. Standard to fit 150mm pipe. Select single or 3-phase.

Evolution Fan

Evolution Fan (1000 cfm) 0.36 kW

Evolution has a brushless motor and backward curved impeller fan, which only uses 30% of the power of the VBW7 - but moves the same amount of air.

Built in differential controller with ambient air sensor and grain temperature sensor + carry handles.

Evolution Fan uses 200mm Top Pipe, so is ideal for new or existing users with separate storage.

VBL 5/3 Fan

Basic Trouble Shooter fan; 1/5 hp 0.1 kW. Will ventilate 20-25 tonnes of grain. Exhaust only

VBL 6/3 Fan

High Capacity Trouble Shooter fan; 1/3 hp 0.25kW. Will ventilate 50-60 tonnes of grain. Exhaust only.

Standard fan for Mini Pedestal.

VBL 8/3 Fan

High Capacity Fan for Mini Pedestals – 330 cfm 0.36kW.

+ Hotspot Spear for Oilseed Rape.

Low Capacity Fan for Standard Crop Pedestals.

Exhaust only.

VBW9 Fan

2.2KW 3-phase 200mm spigot (2400cfm to 1400cfm), to fit 200mm pipe.

Hydor High Volume Building Ventilation Fans

HV Fans In Grain Store

Hydor Belt Drive Fan.

The Hydor Belt Drive fan unit is specifically designed to ventilate larger buildings, by moving substantial amounts of air at low pressure with minimal energy consumption.

Available in three sizes of diameter each with single or three phase motors and the option of louvres and guards:

  • 800mm
  • 1000mm
  • 1250mm

Constructed from galvanised steel with a specially designed stainless steel propeller, these fans are extremely hard wearing and robust in application. The drive mechanism comprises of a sealed for life maintenance free ball bearings, which means low noise and vibration levels.

The HV Range incorporates a centrifugal operated back draught shutter or an automatic louvre shutter.

Units are supplied fully assembled complete with standard safety guards.

Automatic Operation of HV Range - The manufacturers can supply automatic control systems or it can be operated from a spare 'CropCool™' Differential Temperature Controller socket - click here for 'CropCool™' - thus synchronizing HV Fan operation
with Pedestal fan operation to minimize energy usage.

Click to download leaflet

Contact us to seek advice about the High Volume Fan size needed to suit your building application. Please provide building dimensions (including approximate height to apex) & grain depth.
Louvre to match High Volume Fan

Louvre to match High Volume Fan at opposite end of building.

Louvres to match the High Volume Fan may be needed to ensure free airflow. These can
be fixed or in area of high winds & gusts can be supplied with back-draft shutters, which
automatically close when fan is not in operation.


Hydor HVSS Ventilation Sock System

Hydor HVSS Ventialation Sock System

Hydor’s Ventilation Sock System supplies fresh
air to all parts of the building to dilute airborne
pathogens and irritants. This system is particularly
suitable for livestock buildings.

Extending through the length of the shed above animal
height the system provides a constant, positive supply of
fresh air to the animal’s immediate location, diluting foul
air and ensuring even temperatures irrespective of outside
weather conditions.

Dust, cobwebs, condensation, humid atmosphere and
damp beds are all a precursor to disease and health
problems, furthermore a lack of adequate ventilation
leads to a build up of ammonia and micro-organisms. The
Ventilation Sock System has been proven to reduce cases
of pneumonia in livestock as a result of damp and humid air

Features and Benefits

  • Positive air movement regardless of external weather
    conditions and wind speeds
  • Air distribution to the animals immediate environment
  • Reduced cases of disease and health problems due to
    improved air quality and even temperature
  • Simple installation
  • Low running costs
  • Up to 100ft sock with holes positioned according to a
    customer’s requirements

For further information and pricing for Hydor building fans please contact us.

All prices exclude VAT at current rate (20%) and delivery

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