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Insect Bait Traps (Box of 10)

After cleaning (and treating) store, strategically place and check traps weekly by shaking over white paper. Take remedial action if insects identified. Contains sterilized ‘nut-free’ grain insect attractant. Dispose after use.



See our online "Insect Identification Page" (courtesy of CSL)

Pitfall Cone Traps (Pack of 10)

Virtually indestructible and now with ‘easy-twist’ bayonet fitting.

Beware of cheaper imitations that do not have the PTFE solution inside traps, essential for preventing insects from crawling out again!!

Place in pairs, in a grid 5-6 metres apart, on surface and 8-15cms below surface, for easy visual insect check. Re-usable.

Now required for 'longer term' grain storage under Farm Assurance Schemes. 1 pack/200-300 tonnes of grain recommended.

Printable A4 sized Insect Recording Card downloadable by clicking here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here if you do not have it).


Pitfall Trap PTFE Solution

Pitfall Trap PTFE Solution

Small Bottle

To refresh Pitfall Traps that have been in use for more than 2 years, to prevent insect pests from crawling out of traps.


PC Floor Trap

Reusable food-safe alternative to the Insect Bait Trap.
New lures required each year, lasting six weeks once opened – see below.

£49.50 for 10

Grain Beetle Attractant (Pack of 10)

Essential for PC Floor Traps – replace every six weeks of use.

Optional for Pitfall Traps – improves trap effectiveness.

£25 for 10

Grain Sample Bags (Pack of 100)

Self-seal sample bags with 3 write-on strips, for retaining samples at harvest and outgoing loads of grain.

100 = £6.00

1000 = £36.00

Farm Assurance Packs

Farm Assurance Starter Pack

Ideal for 'smaller acreage growers'. It comprises 1 x 10 Insect Bait Traps, 1 x 10 Pitfall Cone Traps, 1 x 100 Grain sample Bags and 1 x 66.677 Temperature Probe.

Special Price: £96.00

(RRP of contents £110.60)

1.5m Fibreglass Temperature Probe

Farm Assurance Starter Pack Deluxe

As for standard Farm Assurance Pack but with 1 x 1.5m Grain-Watch Light Fibreglass Temperature Probe.

Special Price: £165.00

(RRP of contents £210)

Grainstore Packs: Existing Scheme Members


Guide up to 100 acres

1 x pack each of:
AS Insect Bait Traps, Grain Beetle Attractant, PTFE solution, Grain Sample Bags

RRP = £76.00 Special Price £69.50



Guide up to 500 acres

1 x pack each of:
AS Insect Bait Traps, Pitfall Traps, Grain Beetle Attractant, Grain Sample Bags

RRP = £106.00 Special Price £96.00

+ FREE Mobile Phone Stand (while stocks last!)


Guide up to 1000 acres

2 x packs each of:
AS Insect Bait Traps, Pitfall Traps, Grain Beetle Attractant, Grain Sample Bags

RRP = £212.00 Special Price £180.00

Culverthorpe 1000 Grain Weight Calculator

For quick field assessment and adjustment of cereal seed rates, when drilling by seeds per square meter.

RRP £29.50

Fairweigh Hectolitre Weigher

A unique low cost Hectolitre (Bushel) test weigher. Ideal for a quick accurate guide to Hectolitre weights.
Ideal for quick accurate assessment of crop quality and yield.

Special Price: £60.00

(Normal Price: £65.00)

Digital Weigh Scales

Many different types of scales are available. Weights from up to 2Kgs to 1T.

Types include "hanging bowl", "flat pan" and "weigh beams".

Click here to email your request

Grain Sampling Spears

We can supply Crop Sampling Spears of many different specifications.
Please ask us about your requirements.


Various sizes and qualities available. Examples: (see diagram) Complies with B.S. standards.
Fig.1a 1.5m Alloy single aperture, open handle
Fig.1b 1.5m Alloy Concentric 4 aperture, open handle
Fig.1d 2m Stainless 2-piece single tube 32mm o/d

Ask for Quotation

Other specifications available, see diagram.

Spears normally held in stock.

2 metre alloy sequential 4 & 8 aperture, empty through handle grain spear.




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