Moisture Meters

Bale Probes for Moisture Measurement in Hay & Straw:

Agreto Digital HaymeterAgreto Digital HaymeterAgreto Haymeter in Action

Agreto Bale Probe and Haymeter

Incredible value bale probe/haymeter using the very latest digital technology.


  • Professional measuring instrument for determining
    moisture and temperature of baled hay or straw
  • Many uses in agriculture, hay and straw trade, drying
    equipment etc.


  • Moisture control during harvest, purchase and sale
  • Increases storage security of hay and straw
  • Ensures food quality and prevents damage through
    fungal decay or rot
  • Easy temperature check
  • Robust instrument for daily use
  • Ideal meter for trade of hay and straw

This bale probe haymeter is available in two sizes: 50cm and 100cm (1m).

See the Agreto Haymeter Leaflet for more detail.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Demonstration Video of Agreto Haymeter:

50cm Haymeter: £265.00

100cm Haymeter: £295.00

For Grain:


Calibrated to +/- 0.3%
by Openfield

Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter XL

Moisture readings for Cereals, OSR, Linseed, Peas, Beans, Grass seed & Maize (including high moisture) within expected harvesting ranges for these crops.

New Unimeter Digital meters are ready-calibrated by an accredited laboratory for the forthcoming harvest for Wheat, Barley, and Oilseed Rape, to meet Farm Assurance test specification at two different moisture levels. Additional check test samples available for Peas, Beans, Oats and Linseed.

Click for Unimeter Manual.

RRP £385.00

Special £355.00

Unimeter Servicing

As Agricultural Supply Services are the official UK distributor of Unitron Equipment we offer Unimeter servicing.

Please print off a Service Request Form and address label below and send your meter to us for servicing well before harvest time to ensure the servicing is completed on time.

Click here for the Service Request Form and address label

Click here to download Grain Moisture Guidelines Booklet from HGCA

Subject to availability and the condition of your moisture meter we may be able to offer you a service exchange.

Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter

Moisture & Temperature Probe Packages

Option 1: Combining both the Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter and a 1.5 metre fibreglass temperature probe .

Bought separately total list price would normally be £514.00
Buy together and save £70.00

Package Price: £444.00

Option 2: Combining both the Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter and a 2.00m stainless steel temperature probe .

Bought separately total list price would normally be £554.00
Buy together and save £70.00

Package Price: £484.00

Wile 78 Digital Temperature and Moisture Meter for grain.


WILE 78 Digital Temperature and Moisture Meter for Grain

The Wile 78 Moisture Meter crushes and grinds the sample for quick, accurate results (in a similar fashion to the Unimeter digital moisture meters).

We calibrate the Wile 78 Crusher Moisture Meter using oven dried samples of Wheat, Barley & OSR supplied by Openfields.

  • Improved Interactive LCD Back-lit Display
  • Improved scale selection
  • Displays Moisture, average, temperature at the same time
  • 21 Pre-Programmed scales
  • Automatic Temperature compensation
  • Accurate ground moisture measurement Small sample size required (9 or 18ml)
  • 20 second single action grinding / measurement


  • Robust Carry Case
  • Hard and soft brush for cleaning the measuring chamber between samples
  • 9v Battery
  • Instructions


  • Grains 9 - 38%
  • Oil seeds 5 - 30%
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5% moisture below 18% (Range depends on crop being tested.)

Demonstration Video of Wile 78 Moisture Meter:

MT Pro Grain Moisture Meter

MT-Pro Grain Moisture Meter

  • Full range of UK Crops
  • Quick & Easy to Use
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5%
  • For use on Combine/in Field or in store
  • Ready Calibrated for Wheat, Barley + OSR
  • Very Competitively priced
  • Replacement for old ‘Red Unimeter’

    Full RRP £325.00

    Special Offer Price While Stocks Last £250.00

Mini GAC & Mini GAC Plus

"The World's Most Accurate Handheld Moisture Analyzer" by Dickey-John

Mini GAC is designed as a portable tool. In the field Mini GAC is an ideal partner to Minibatt (and new Minibatt buyers can be supplied with a case to fit when purchasing Mini GAC).

For in-store use it has a preload cell to scoop up a sample, or hold in a grain stream.

It comes ready calibrated for Wheat, Barley, OSR, Linseed, Peas, Beans, Rye and Triticale. (Many other crops available.)

Click for Large Image

Mini GAC — for highly accurate moisture testing


MINI GAC Plus — the ONLY handheld moisture test offering accurate test weight



Watch the Mini GAC in action in this video.

Moisture Calibration Check Test Samples





Oilseed Rape






These test samples are of precisely known moisture content to check accuracy of your Moisture Meter before harvest. Available June to September.

£12.00 each
3 for £30.00

Sinar Technology at AgriSupplyServices

Sinar GrainPro 6070 Moisture Analyzer

  • Fast results – Moisture, Hectolitre & Temperature in approximately 6 seconds
  • Accurate – ± 0.3% moisture content
  • Fully Portable – rugged construction, battery powered
  • Fully Automatic– no charts, scales or thermometers
  • Extremely Easy to use – whole grain testing
  • Can be calibrated for up to 25 separate crops
  • Made in the UK

Product Description

The unique Sinar GrainPro simultaneously measures the capacitance, weight and temperature of the sample and displays an accurate moisture, hectolitre weight and sample temperature on the display.

Simply pour the sample into the measurement bowl, press 2 buttons and the GrainPro displays the results in approximately 6 seconds.

The unique technology allows you to measure samples with the minimum of preparation and has no detrimental effect on the sample tested. Simply pour in and pour back out again.
With the optional bulk density cylinder accessory, the Sinar GrainPro will also display accurate specific weight readings in kg/hl or lb/bu.

The Sinar GrainPro comes ready calibrated for Wheat, Barley, Oats, Peas, Beans, Linseed, Oilseed and Rye but can store calibration data for up to 25 commodities allowing it to be tailored to the customer’s exact requirements. A large catalogue of calibrations has been built up and refined over the past 20 years allowing the Sinar GrainPro to deliver fast accurate results for hundreds of diverse applications.

It’s easy to read alphanumeric display means that switching from measuring one commodity to another is as simple as choosing from a list.

Sinar AP6070 – calibrated for Wheat, Barley, Oats, Peas, Beans, Linseed, Oilseed and Rye


Special Offers are often available for Sinar products.

Please ask.

Perten Aquamatic 5800 Portable Grain Moisture Meter


Perten Portable Grain Moisture Meter

The Perten Aquamatic 5800 Manual is a portable grain moisture meter designed for the larger farmer. Trials show accuracy to +/- 0.3%.

Product Description

Unique among portable moisture meters, the AM 5800 Manual Grain is based on the same high frequency 149 MHz technology and UGMA algorithm as officially approved meters. Drawing on the experience from more than 5,000 installed moisture meters, we have designed a battery operated, portable moisture meter benefiting from the accuracy, repeatability and reliability of the official meters.

The higher frequency signal provides greater penetration of samples and the UGMA (Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm) provides a more accurate result regardless of moisture level,
temperature or crop type. Together these make the AM 5800 Manual the most accurate and repeatable portable moisture meter available. It can analyze grains, oilseeds, pulses, beans,
lentils, seeds and more for moisture, Test Weight/Hectoliter Weight, and temperature.

Features and Benefits

Accurate: Thanks to high frequency 149 MHz technology and the UGMA algorithm you will get accurate readings, also on grain straight from the field or the dryer.

Easy to use: No sample weighing or volume measurement is required. Just pour the sample to fill the hopper and pull the handle to start the analysis. The AM 5800 Manual takes
care of the rest.

Repeatable: Excellent repeatability thanks to precision mechanics and advanced signal processing.

Rapid: In less than 20 seconds accurate readings for moisture, Test Weight and temperature are presented on the display.

Portable: Powered by 2 AA batteries and weighing only 5 kg / 9lb you easily bring the AM 5800 Manual to where you need it.

Smart interface: The touch screen with intuitive user interface makes the AM 5800 Manual simple to use. Input sample IDs, view results on a remote screen, and update through Bluetooth. The touchscreen uses resistance technology and will even respond to gloved hands.

Sinar 6300 Grain Spear

"The instrument for total stored crop management"

The ideal practical solution to determining Moisture and Temperature in Bulk Grainstores at depths up to 2 metres.

Many readings can be taken in a few seconds to give a truly representative picture of moisture in bulk stores, or inserted directly into the crop in incoming vehicles.


Click for Product Specification Sheet

RRP £649.00


We also supply a wide range of grain sampling spears.

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