Plate Meters – Measuring Grass for Dairy, Beef and Sheep Grazing

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AgriSupplyServices is the official UK distributor for a number of different models of electronic rising plate meters which are described on this page. We also supply plate meter servicing for these models.

Introduction to Plate Meters and their Benefits

Plate Meter Software

Available Plate Meter Models (including new Bluetooth model with Android app)

Plate Meter Servicing

Electronic Rising Plate Meters

The AgriSupplyServices Electronic Rising Plate Meter provides a simple, yet effective method of measuring grass cover in grazing pasture. Popular with UK, Irish & European dairy, sheep and beef farmers, the plate meter for grass is able to operate in all weather conditions and this quality product is cost effective and reliable.

A complete range of models is now available: see below.

Introductory Videos

Senior beef and sheep scientist at AHDB Beef and Lamb, Dr Liz Genever guides you through the best way to use a plate meter to measure grass (for both beef and sheep grazing).

Farmworks introduction to plate meters:


Benefits for Cattle and Sheep Grazing

F220 Plate Meter for Pasture Cover Measurement

Accurate measurement of grass cover in grazing pasture can deliver clear economic benefits to farming operations through optimised grazing programs. A figure of 10 - 15% improvement in pasture utilisation has been suggested by dairy commentators and researchers as being feasible through the use of pasture budgeting systems.

The assumption is based on a number of contributing factors, such as better utilisation of pasture through advanced budgeting, an improvement in actual pasture grass yield through better placement of fertilisers and controlled grazing.

The main benefit is the fact that farmers are able to develop a budgeting approach and make better decisions regarding feed, production and use.

Plate Meter Software

The AgriSupplyServices Electronic Rising Plate Meter for measuring grass cover in grazing pasture includes P-Plus Pasture Covers software that allows you to record and monitor pasture cover by individual paddock.

The FREE P-Plus Pasture Covers Software is an important part of the Plate meter, offering farmers the chance to record & download field records, included is the Grazing Wedge shown below.

Pasture Plus Snapshot

P-Plus PastureCovers allows you to monitor paddock pasture covers growth rates, feed wedge, by paddock and management unit.

  • Records pasture covers from AgriSupplyServices Electronic Rising Plate Meter or from a manual plate meter.  Other pasture measuring meters may be supported.
  • Produce reports: Cover on date, cover over time, feed wedge, growth rates.
  • Simple, logical data entry.
  • Ability to create different management blocks or units for specific reporting.
  • Integrates with P-Plus Mapping & Paddock Module and P-Plus Feed Forecaster-Budget.

More software can be added: P-Plus Pasture Covers integrates with the optional P-Plus Map & Paddock and P-Plus Feed Forecaster-Budget Modules thereby giving the option of a comprehensive feed management program. Using data collected by the Plate Meter as the foundation, Feed Forecaster gives you ability to optimise grazing breaks and rotations based on predefined criteria.

Available Models


  • Records total height and number of measurements using two mechanical counters.
  • Plate Meter F75 - Price on Application

F200 – Standard Plate Meter

The F200 has the following features:

  • Records total height and number of measurements
  • Calculates average height and average cover
  • User configurable formulae
  • 30 plonk Beep
  • Rechargeable battery - charger included.
  • Has new delete last measurement feature
  • Includes FREE P-Plus Pasture Covers Software

Please refer to the F200 User Manual for more information (3.9 Mbyte Acrobat PDF).

Plate Meter F200 - Price on Application

F300 – Advanced Plate Meter with Download to USB Facility

Upgrade on F200 model with USB Download complete with FREE PastureCovers software for PC/Laptop and stores up to 100 paddocks. Will suit PC Savvy farmers who can use the USB download and anyone whose software package that includes now (or in the future) an interface with the F300 software.

  • Includes FREE P-Plus Pasture Covers Software. Records total height and number of measurements. 
  • Calculates average height and average cover.
  • User configurable formulae. 
  • Has a 100 paddock memory which means you no longer need a notebook. 
  • 30 plonk Beep. 
  • Rechargeable battery – charger included. 
  • Multi-paddock memory. Downloads to PC via USB.

Plate Meter F300 - Price on Application

F400 - Top Model with Upload and Download to USB

The same as the F300 but stores up to 280 paddocks, with added option of walking the paddocks in any order. Check for availability.

  • Includes P-Plus Pasture Covers Software. 
  • Records total height and number of measurements, grazing state. 
  • Calculates average height and average cover, grass grown since last walk. 
  • Configurable formulae, undo last measurement feature.
  • Walk order, 
  • Warns when not calibrated, simple to calibrate.
  • 30 plonk Beep. 
  • Rechargeable battery from USB port. 
  • 280 paddock memory including last walk. 
  • Downloads to PC USB cable.

Plate Meter F400 - Price on Application

New Product! EC20 Bluetooth Electronic Plate Meter

EC20 Bluetooth Rising Plate MeterIncludes Android App

The EC20 Bluetooth Plate Meter offers the latest method of data capture.

It comes complete with and Android app to enable data to be displayed on your Android smart-phone. Data is then easily transferred to your grazing management software - such as Agrinet.

Plate Meter Features Include:

  • One piece case design
  • Bluetooth connection & battery indicator light
  • Folding handle (fixed handle optional)
  • Beep to confirm each reading
EC20 Blutooth Plate Meter App Home Screen

Android App - ‘PASTUREPROBE’  - Features Include:

  • Multiple Farm Selection
  • 200 paddock storage per farm
  • Live viewing of reports
  • Multiple data management & export options
  • Displays individual & Average Readings
  • Installs on up to 2 Android devices

EC20 Bluetooth Electronic Plate Meter - Price on Application

F20 Digital Upgrade Kit for F Series Mechanical Plate Meters

Already have manual plate meter in very good order or purchased recently? These may be upgraded to F200 standard - the kit includes Digital Counter + Mounting Tube. May be possible to upgrade most manual plate meter models. Plate meter spares held in stock .

It should also be possible to upgrade Jenquip Plate Meters but check first.

F20 Upgrade Kit- Price on Application


Feature Checklist

Plate Meter Servicing

Agricultural Supply Services offers professional plate meter servicing for our supported range of models.

Please print off a Service Request Form and address label below and send your plate meter to us for servicing. Please remove the plate before shipping as described on the for.

Click here for the Service Request Form and address label

More information:

Contact us for more detailed information and our pricing.

See also the following sites for additional Plate Meter information and illustrations of their application:

AgriSupplyServices has customers across Europe and internationally.

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