Protected Lights for QA Schemes

New Type Energy-Saving Protected Lamps

70Watt BC

GLS Halogen Lamp
(BC fitting only available)

EcoClassic 70 watt

Halogen lamp inside GLS bulb, generating equivalent to 92W GLS lamp.

Standard household Bayonet Cap fitting.

Supplied in boxes of 6 protected lamps

RRP 6.83/lamp

Low Energy Protected Lamps

To replace the popular Creaco lamps that are no longer available.

Less heat generated so less risk overheating & burn out in very dusty environment

Low Energy Protected Lamp

20Watt BC

Low Energy Lamp generating 100 watts equivalent of light.

RRP £12.00 each

Low Energy Protected Lamp

30W BC

Low Energy Lamp generating 150 watts equivalent of light

RRP £13.50 each

Haloshield Halogen Lamps

Haloshield MKII 300w Halogen Lamp

Complete with coated lens.


Haloshield MKII 500w Halogen Lamp

Complete with coated lens.


Tubeshield Strip Light Covers

Slide existing tube lamp inside this very robust Polycarbonate sleeve.

Click for Large Image

Fitting Length

26mm diameter

38mm diameter

4ft (1220mm)



5ft (1525mm)



6ft (1830mm)



8ft (2440mm)



Bulkhead Lamp

Polycarbonate casing, for use with 100w bulb if wall mounted.

All prices exclude VAT at current rate (20%) and delivery

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