Rapid Plate Meter with Bluetooth

Developed in New Zealand for fast accurate grass measurement of pasture cover in Kgs/Hectare.

See how the Rapid Platemeter works:


 RPM-20 Rapid Platemeter reads pasture height and density, using a metering wheel and skid unit.
  • Typical speeds  - 10-22 km/hr.
  • The data is transmitted via Blue Tooth to a Mobile Phone App
  • App exports to any Pasture Management Software, such as P-Plus
  • App is fully Integrated with Agrinet
  • Ideal for larger farms
  • Easy to Self-Install

Main features of the RPM-20 Rapid Platemeter:

  • Displays - Rolling Average Cover
  • Rolling Average Available Cover
  • Stores unlimited Paddocks - both as names or numbers
  • Multiple Farms
  • Edit Feature to Close off Paddocks
  • Displays ‘Feed Wedge’ and cover on date report
  • Sends CSV Data to multiple stakeholders using Android App, via Wi-Fi or e-mail
  • Speed Limited to avoid damage
  • Optional Upgrade - Add geolocation / auto paddock recognition 10/01/2017


More information:

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AgriSupplyServices also supplies traditional electronic rising plate meters.


AgriSupplyServices has customers across Europe and internationally.

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