Soil Testing Products

DM-5 Soil pH Meter

Excellent value, compact and very easy to use for quick pH assessment, with carrying case.

Being analogue it uses the negative/positive charge in the soil clay particles, so requires no corroding batteries.

Users - Farmers (arable & grassland), lime spreading contractors, & agronomists for instant check to assess problem pHs.

Any field pH meter should be backed up by laboratory testing where more precise readings are required. Due to huge variations in soil types, moisture levels etc, we have not found any reason to replace DM-5 with more advanced digital pH meters.

RRP £115.00

Soil Compaction Tester / Penetrometer


  • Agriculture,
  • Horticulture,
  • Racing Turf,
  • Golf Greens
  • Cricket,
  • Sports fields, etc.



The Soil Compaction Testers give quick answers to the questions you need to ask for SPS Cross-Compliance* and about your tillage programme and field conditions:

  • Is your soil compacted?
  • How severely and at what depth
  • How deep are you tilling?
  • How deep do you need to till?
  • How deep can your roots grow?



Compaction causes serious problems on many soils:

  1. Require up to 90% more power (& more fuel) to till
  2. Cause poor root development and big yield reduction
  3. Causes poor natural water movement and uptake
  4. Poor Fertiliser & Pesticide utilisation

* SPS Rules ‘Cross-Compliance for Soil Management 2005 Edition’


DICKEY-john Soil Compaction Tester

  • Well Proven
  • Graduated Scale
  • 2 Soil Tips

Enables result comparison against set scale, e.g. racecourses, sports fields, agronomy trials.



RRP £225.00




Click for larger image of the DICKEY-john Tester.

Soil Sampling Spear

This corer type is suitable for most users.

Stainless steel

RRP £97.50

Soil Moisture (Tensiometer) DM-8

30 or 60 cms long, with easy to read colour graduated scale.

Complete Digital Tensiometers systems (including different lengths) can be supplied for a wide range of applications including Agriculture, Horticulture, Golf Courses etc.


LCD Thermometer 004 Pocket Digital

125mm spike. Waterproof. For liquids, powders, plastics, temperature check of food. Range -40°C to +200°C.
Ideal for maize and potato growers.

Dishwasher proof and with protective sheath.

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