Temperature Probes and Meters

CropCool Wireless
Differential Temperature Controller

CropCool™ Wireless is the next generation Crop Temperature Controller.

No trailing leads — 40% power savings.

CropCool Wireless diagram

CropCool™ Wireless can manage pedestal and wall fans to suit grain storage requirements by

CroplCool Wireless transmittersArrowWireless Transmitter
  • Differential Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Time
  • Zone

Improves fan control for optimum crop cooling and conditioning in up to four separate zones. This is particularly helpful for larger grain stores or multiple grain stores. Transmits to a remote location, such as mobile phone and for storage on farm-office computer etc.


CropCool Wireless

Most CropCool™ Wireless systems will comprise:

  1. CropCool™ Wireless Differential Temperature Controller
  2. 2m. Fibreglass Wireless Grain Temperature probes (Long battery life)
  3. Wireless Air Temperature sensor (Long Battery life)
  4. Wireless Repeater(s) if needed (mains)
  5. CropCool EasyGrain SitePlan Software inc. USB dongle for PC


More advanced CropCool™ Wireless Systems can include: -

  1. RH Sensors – Air and or Crop
  2. Multizone Control
  3. Data Logging Unit with broadband/cellular connection
  4. Access to all Historical Data since system installed


CropCool™ Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Example: - 2000Tonne Grain store / 24 Pedestals / 1 Sensor per 300Tonne approx.

  • 6 x CropCool Wireless Temperature probes
  • System uses Dicam technology, so it is fully upgradable to differential control etc

  • 1 x Wireless Dongle + single use licence with USB connector

and, if required:

  • 1 x Kindle/Tablet Digital Receiver (with above wireless dongle in-built)
  • 1 x Repeater (e.g. to hop to nearby farm office)

Example: - 2 x Separate 2000T Grain Stores on One Farmstead

  • 12 x CropCool Wireless Temperature probes
  • CropCool™ Wireless Dongle
  • 2 x Repeaters (e.g. to hop to nearby farm office)
  • 1 x Wireless Dongle + single use licence with USB connector (or as above)

and, if required:

  • Local/Remote GSM Broadband Connection


CropCool™ Wireless Temperature Control System

Add to above: -CropCool Wireless

  • CropCool™ Wireless Dicam Controller(s) up to 4 zones, automatic or manual control with adjustable default settings
  • Wireless Air Temperature (& relative humidity) Sensor
  • SitePlan Software


How many CropCool™ Wireless Grain Temperature Probes are needed?

One normally placed centrally between four pedestals in a square pattern, one between two floor ducts, or 300Tonne app. (or adjust number to personal preference)


Please contact Charles Goldingham to discuss your system needs



Grain Temperature Probe

1.5m Fibreglass Grain Temperature Probe

  • Integral digital display
  • Auto shut-off

Normally: £129.00

Special Offer: £99.50

Agreto 1.5m Stainless Steel Temperature Probe for Variable Density Prodcuts

Woodchip, Biomass & Silage Temperature Probe

1.5m Agreto Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
For products of variable density

  • Lance length 1.5 m
  • Lance diameter 16 mm - (ETI probe is 9mm)
  • Stainless steel lance and handle
  • Electronic temperature display on the handle
  • LCD display with 10 mm high digits
  • Temperature sensor in the lance tip
  • Measurement range -50 to +110 °C
  • Accuracy +/- 1 °C
  • Continuous display of the measured value
  • Power supply through battery (1x LR44)

This is the most robust temperature probe we stock and suitable for coping with the rigours of variable density products such as silage.

RRP: £145.00

2m Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

2m Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

Temperature Probe for Grain and Other Applications

2.0m Stainless Steel Grain Temperature Probe

Also suitable for other applications such as compost.

  • Separate Digital Display
  • Auto Shut-off



Normal price: £169.00

Special Offer £145.00

Other sizes available - price on application

Combined Temperature Logger & Probe

New Product – Combined Temperature Control & Data Logger c/w Software + 2m Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

RRP £215.00

Special Offer £184.00

Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter

Moisture & Temperature Probe Packages

Option 1: Combining both the Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter and a 1.5 metre fibreglass temperature probe .

Bought separately total list price would normally be £514.00
Buy together and save £70.00

Package Price: £444.00

Option 2: Combining both the Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter and a 2.00m stainless steel temperature probe .

Bought separately total list price would normally be £554.00
Buy together and save £70.00

Package Price: £484.00

LCD Thermometer 810-80

Multi-purpose thermometer, indoor/outdoor use + memory/twin display. 2.8m cable and probe.

Popular for smaller arable farms and households.



LCD Thermometer 004 Pocket Digital

125mm spike. Waterproof. For liquids, powders, plastics, temperature check of food. Range -40°C to +200°C.
Ideal for maize and potato growers.

Dishwasher proof and with protective sheath.

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